Master Thatcher

Stuarts interest in thatching began in the summer of 1989 when he helped out a well-established local master thatcher during the summer school holidays and it wasn't long before he was offered a four year apprenticeship.  During this period he meticulously and naturally honed his thatching skills to become a very able and respected craftsman.  After his apprenticeship Stuart became a sought after thatching sub-contractor and for 12 years he worked on many unique projects and historical buildings.  In 2003 Stuart decided to form his own company fundamentally based around a professional approach to a traditional art.  Stuarts aim was to enhance the image of thatching by ensuring the quality of traditional crafts were mixed with the expectations of a modern customer care orientated business.

At Stuart Viggers Master Thatchers Ltd we have a dedicated steadfast team to fulfil all your thatching needs 'under one roof'. Over the years we have formed solid relationships with other professionals within the building trade to enable us to provide a high quality skill base for any project requirement.  Each project is unique and all aspects of any venture are given our individual time and commitment.

What Our Clients Think....

Dear Stuart

You and your boys have transformed the roof over our heads. Anyone who compares the appearances before and after you re-thatched our house will get an idea of what you have achieved. What they won't know is the step by step process of careful preliminary assessment - looking at the exterior, going over the ridge to examine the valley and slope of the pitched roof adjacent to and hidden by our neighbours' property (where you found the grass growing a yard high), the care you took to inspect every part of the roof timbers inside the roof voids, the process of lifting the eaves where needed to ensure freedom of drainage of rain water - and the final touch of ensuring that the place was left spick and span when you left. An extraordinary achievement! As anticipated, it stops the traffic. More power to your elbow.

Best regards

Jen and Vivian Weinstein, Great Bourton

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